Homes for Sale in Eastern Winnipeg, May 29, 2012 Update

New Listing in Winnipeg: 106 Fulham Ave. Call Arnie Moss 22-REMAX (227-3629)

New Listing! Arnie Moss 22-REMAX (227-3629)

24 new listings in Eastern Winnipeg this week. Home sells for $48,100 over list.

by Arnie Moss, RE/MAX Professionals, 22-REMAX (227-3629)

There were two sales in the Royalwood, Island Lakes, Sage Creek and Southland Park neighbourhoods of Winnipeg in the last 10 days, both of which sold for more than list price. A home on Pamela Road sold for $21,100 more than asking when it closed at $436,000 and a home on Norcross Crescent closed at $5,600 over list when it sold for $375,500.

In the Niakwa Place and Southdale neighbourhoods there have been three homes sold over the past 10 days, two at under list and a third at over list. The home that did sell for over list price more than made up for the other two when it brought $48,100 more than asking, closing at $228,000. A home on Fallbrook Bay went for $2,900 less than list when it sold for $272,000 and another on Edgwater Drive sold for $5,900 less than list, closing at $344,000.

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There are currently 88 active listings in Eastern Winnipeg in the neighbourhoods of Windsor Park, Niakwa Park, Royalwood, Island Lakes, Sage Creek, Southland Park and Niakwa Place, ranging in price from $184,900 to $979,900. Quite a price range, meaning something for everyone!

There were 24 new homes for sale in Eastern Winnipeg over the past week as everyone seemed to be putting their homes up for sale, maybe looking to take advantage of the recent bidding wars in the Winnipeg real estate market. The new listings range in price from $199,900 for a home on Drake Blvd. to $749,900 for a home on Beaudry Bay.

With all the new listings on the market we could see a shift in the favour of buyers, as is currently the trend in some of the other Winnipeg neighbourhoods. That being said, quality homes are still demanding top dollar in the current Winnipeg real estate market.

New active listings in Royalwood, Island Lakes, Sage Creek, Windsor Park, Niakwa Park, Southland Park and Niakwa Place:

  • 67 Gleneagles Road $289,900
  • 123 Weatherstone Place $239,900
  • 34 Conifer Crescent $239,900
  • 75 Ebb Tide Drive $389,900
  • 123 Berkshire Bay $184,900
  • 6 Tansi Lane $389,900
  • 35 Captains Way $439,900
  • 592 Shorehill Drive $439,900
  • 166 Charbonneau Crescent $264,900
  • 7 Moonbeam Way $502,750
  • 6 Bibeau Bay $249,900
  • 75 Red Moon Road $414,900
  • 35 Halliday Bay $245,000
  • 11 River Valley Drive $599,900
  • 16 Beaudry Bay $749,900
  • 10 Lighthouse Point $419,900
  • 63 Breton Bay $339,700
  • 248 De La Seigneurie Boulevard $349,900
  • 15 Gadwall Place $309,900
  • 166 Tallgrass Crescent $376,000
  • 30 Drake Boulevard $199,900
  • 17 Conifer Crescent $274,900
  • 10 Bursill Road $519,900
  • 18 River Valley Drive $569,900

If you see anything you like in the above listings or are thinking about listing your home for sale in Winnipeg, please feel free to call me for advice at 22-REMAX (227-3629). With the hot state of the Winnipeg real estate market right now and bidding wars the norm, it is essential that you know what homes are worth and what they are selling for. With over 30 years experience in the above neighbourhoods and most others in Winnipeg, I can show you how to buy smart.

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Thanks for reading!

Arnie Moss RE/MAX Winnipeg Real Estate Agent

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